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Words have power. 

Do you have an idea you can turn into money? Are you considering a Start-up as a new business path? Ask about Nancy Gold's WORKSHOP SERIES for Start-ups. Limited to eight participants, this is a small-group experience with other entrepreneurs who share your concerns. With real direction from its group leader, Nancy will create a synergistic space where you may find the answers you seek.  Contact Nancy for more information.

As an established business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, Nancy Gold's writing skills can help you brand your business or company more powerfully. Nancy's book SHIRT TALES is now available and within its pages you'll follow the 50-year journey of a Start-up that STAYED up. The book tracks the birth of The King's Collar Shirtmakers and includes stories about the wonderful people who helped shape the company while offering the highs, lows, lessons and breakthroughs of a Start-up that has survived and thrived. It will not only intrigue you by its content, but can provide real action steps that may help any budding entrepreneur achieve their own dream. It also includes a step by step BUSINESS MANUAL that offers business insights as a Road-map to help pave the way. Whether you're an established business or a Start-up, it's a Must Read for any entrepreneur.

With endorsements from industry leaders, SHIRT TALES is not just a "how to" book, but one that contains authentic information about how it was done. 

SHIRT TALES... The Stories behind a Successful Start-up, can be ordered through Lulu.com bookstore under Business & Economics and on Amazon.

"If you have any idea worth developing, she will find its best expression."

Nancy's second book should be available by the end of July 2018:

Titled ...LOVE NEVER COMES LATE,  it's the story of DIVORCE as seen through a child's eyes and the impact it can make on their adult lives. Now in pre-publication, LOVE NEVER COMES LATE addresses the issues of divorce, abandonment and alcoholism ... and the path to healing and forgiveness. Preview copies can be reserved by special request by contacting Nancy via email messaging. 

A hard book to write and an important book to read. 

Nancy Gold has been honored as an Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year and One of Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business


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