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As a Professional Writer, Nancy Gold chooses words in much the same way as a painter chooses colors. Each word is crafted to evoke a clear mental picture and each sentence is shaped to produce a specific result. On any given day, a well written request holds the promise of increased profits and market recognition. Quite simply, when communications are presented with clarity, your message gets heard.

Whether you're creating a new business, an ad campaign, the narrative for your web site, a radio script that delivers a strong message or a powerfully written business letter, allow Nancy Gold to help you turn that thought into money. The following includes writing samples and design concepts for some of Nancy's clients:  Chiropracticheals.com,  Gregorysons.com  and  KitchenBathExcellence.com  

"If you have any idea worth developing, she will find its best expression."

Business Writing

The King’s Writer is skilled at shaping concept development documents, ad copy, editorials, keynote speeches, and business letters known to deliver break-through results. Nancy Gold's wordsmith skills have achieved positive results in the shaping and editing of business resumes and she is open to serve as a ghost writer for any publication you deem important. 

speciality is re-writing "angry" letters or email responses. Business critiques are sometimes harsh and unexpected, and when emotions drive your response, the results can land badly. A well-written reply can often secure a more solid footing in your company, and more importantly, a positive outcome. 

A negative reply can become part of your work "history" and many emails are saved for just that reason.

"If it's important enough to send, it's critical to choose words carefully... let me see it, before you send it~!" 


Radio Advertising

Radio advertising plays a major role in company and product identification and is an important link to growing a business and establishing its credibility. Branding development, voice-over skills, creative ad copy and production of spots are offered at reasonable rates.

Nancy Gold has been honored as an Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year and One of Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business


Business START-UPS

How do you take a business idea and turn it into a living breathing entity?

As a seasoned business owner since 1978, Nancy Gold honors the visions of those exploring any entrepreneurial undertaking. Nancy knows what it takes to launch a business from its barest beginnings and welcomes small businesses with small budgets. 

If you have an idea for a business, Nancy can help you see the larger picture of what’s possible and provides the hands-on coaching that only a business OWNER can deliver.

There’s no charge for the initial one hour start-up consultation. 

If you're serious about making a new beginning, this could be the first step in getting you on the path to owning your own company. Nancy can deliver a road-map of actions that include Concept Development, Start-up costs, Fit-out, PR and Marketing, and Operational Practices. 

From her “been there, done that” training, she know what works… and what doesn’t. 

In this economy, why would you want to wing it?

SHIRT TALES: An Entrepreneur's Handbook

Nancy's book SHIRT TALES...The Stories behind a Successful Start-up, includes the original BUSINESS MANUAL that generated the stories presented in the book.  If you're considering a Start-up, this book holds a wealth of information. Please use the contact form for more info or access this link for your personal copy at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com

Signed copies can also be purchased and shipped from The King's Collar Studio.


The prequel to SHIRT TALES

Nancy Gold delivers a no-nonsense, adult view about the real effects of divorce, fear of abandonment, and alcoholism on family life. Available at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.




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